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Microstructures are networks that aim to solve persistent social problems in rural or urban areas. These are transdisciplinary networks of inhabitants, entrepreneurs, professionals, and academics who bind their forces to realize an ambition they share in the area concerned. They require small investments in governance which we expect to result in social entrepreneurship and self organisation. We developed a six step program to develop microstructures and tested it in Feijenoord, a Rotterdam area characterized by socio-economic, cultural and linguistic diversity, but in general inhabited by people of colour and low income. This paper describes the pilot, its theoretical roots, outcome, and lessons learned.    

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Basten (2011). Microstructures as Spaces for Participatory Innovation. In Buur (ed) PINC 2011: Participatory Innovation Conference Proceedings, University of Southern Denmark, 13th - 15th January 2011 (130-136).